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Regional areas for immigration to Australia
Dec 16 2019

New Regional Postcodes released

The Department of Home Affairs has released the new regional postcodes! These new regional areas are set to commence on the 16th of November 2019. These new postcodes have expanded the regional areas of Australia to include any areas outside of Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

This means new regional areas added to the list like Perth and the Gold Coast, will now be eligible for:

  • regional status for study points under skilled migration (extra 5 points for regional study)
  • the newly introduced 494 Regional Employer Sponsored visa
  • the newly introduced 491 Regional state, territory or eligible family member visa.

The new regional postcodes will apply for the new regional visas that are also set to commence in November.

Both of the new visas, provide a pathway to residency through a temporary 5-year visa that can lead to residency after working 3 years full time in the regional area.

494 Regional Employer-Sponsored Visa

The new employer-sponsored visa (subclass 494) will allow companies to sponsor international staff from a wider range of occupations for a new 5-year visa. Then, after working for the employer for 3 year full time, they will be eligible to transition to permanent residency.

491 Regional State or Family Sponsored Visa

The new state and territory or family-sponsored visa (subclass 491) will allow state and territory governments as well as eligible family members the ability to sponsor international skilled workers for a temporary five-year visa. Then, after working for 3 year full time, they will be eligible to transition to permanent residency.

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