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Study in Australia

Education generates one of the top 5 economies in Australia. Australia offers diverse and quality education facilities to students.

  • Very welcoming to South East Asian countries
  • Fastest growing education hub
  • Top-notch quality education
  • Favourable conditions

Study in Malaysia

Malaysia ranks 12th in the world in offering quality education at affordable costs to international students.

  • Easy policies & favourable returns
  • Attracts foreign investments in education sector
  • Growing in the world education platform
  • High-quality education facilities
  • Increased job opportunities
  • Seamless immigration procedures
  • Safe environment (low crime rate)
  • Diverse culture with no language barriers
  • Wide food and travel options
  • Too ideal for a career in medical and nursing sector

Study in Europe/UK/US/Canada

Europe, UK, US and Canada are known for their finest education systems in the world.

  • Quality education facilities
  • World-wide recognition
  • Best medical schools in the world with low tuition fees

Traineeship pathway program

Are you looking for a skilled job in Australia as a trade worker?

This program has been designed for all those who are looking for career opportunities in the field of skilled trade. Unemployment is on the rise and Edulipse will help you with the right career choice in other countries with all the expertise. Under the Traineeship Pathway Program, anyone can apply with their current certifications and/or experiences. Your qualification will be further assessed, giving you an opportunity to travel to Australia under a training visa. You will be later put under a short and flexible training program that will help you strengthen your skills. This program assists trade workers to gain Australian work experience and have great career opportunities.


Over 77 million migrants moved to a developed country for the recent trend of work, higher studies or simply to find a new opportunity. In case you are planning to migrate to Australia for any of these reasons, you need not have to endure much difficulty.

Edulipse helps you with a smooth migration process and post-migration process. It offers migration services through relevant government registered agents for Australia. It also provides information support for the eligible medical and nursing professionals in gaining registration to practise in Australia, legally.

*Edulipse is rapidly expanding to provide the service for other countries soon.

EDULIPSE Student Accomodation

Student Accomodation

The significance of finding accommodation that offers you comfort and peace of mind cannot be understated. While you want to focus on your studies, Edulipse is all set to make your stay a hassle-free one. Different affordable options are available for short and long term accommodation at centrally-located residences with opportunities to make like-minded friends. If you're travelling with your parents to embark on your new journey, we have listed accommodations for that as well.


Please contact us for a personalised accommodation search. 

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