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There are a number of agents offering to consult for education. Edulipse motto stands apart. We put our students’ interest first. Nan, the founder of Edulipse, encountered a number of challenges as an international student herself during her college days. With the help of Edulipse, she is trying to minimise those gaps and help the students achieve their dreams with ease. She understands the students and their concerns better. Edulipse not only actively addresses the needs of the students but also creates awareness to take the right call as a part of its process.
Yes, you can. In Edulipse, we encourage each student to discover their passion. We have designated counselling sessions (in-person/online) to help you discover your real passion and carve a path that will guide you to reach your dream life.
Often in higher education, especially in a different country, students might go through challenges like the language barrier, socio-cultural differences and get used to a new education technique. These are major factors behind the anxiety of parents and students not able to obtain higher grades and achieve their full potential. In Edulipse, we assist and mentor the students to better understand the challenges/gaps and prepare them effectively to accommodate in the same.
Yes, you can. Many universities and colleges have English pathway programs as a bridging course to enable you to fulfil the expected English requirement before commencing your actual course.
In most cases, the answer is Yes. Many universities and colleges offer tuition fee reduction or partial scholarship to ease the financial constraint of the student. However, this will only be known after the course application is submitted. The decision is fully dependable on the institution’s discretion.
This purely depends on the country that you choose to study and the immigration law at the time of your course application. This will be a good question to ask our consultant during your application process.
We will assist you in preparing yourself to be job-ready as we aid in resume writing, LinkedIn profiling and interview/presentation tips. We will also guide you in the specific ways of applying for a job, based on the industry and the country you are applying. Different place and different industry have a minor variation on the ways used in job hunt and application. We provide this service at a minimal fee to our students.
The student must only have one major course as a part of the visa requirement. However, other courses can be packaged together to be done one after the other. Often some short courses are available within the same or different institution which is acceptable, e.g 1-day workshop, 1-week course (during semester break). Attendance to the major course is very important to adhere as that is a part of your visa obligation being a student.
Studying in a foreign country requires the student to obtain a valid student visa. Often this student visa comes with an obligation to be enrolled full time in an institution registered with the respective country’s Ministry of Education. Therefore, part-time studying is not allowed as an international student.
Yes, you can. We help the student secure comfortable and affordable accommodation to spend their study-period safely and peacefully.

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