We are a registered education agent (M091) with keen interest in showing the international students the path to career success. We specialise in South East Asia students as we provide multi language consultation; English, Malay, Tamil and Mandarin.

Along with that, we do full range of other education related services to accommodate the international student while studying at their education institution.

We believe, if given the right guidance along with the individual effort, one can excel in their higher education. We are committed towards making you comfortable in terms of education in Australia.


Before one chooses a field of study, the knowledge about that field is extremely important. Without a clear understanding of the field and its future demand, one’s financials and time can be of no benefit.

At Edulipse, we stress the significance of knowing the field of study thoroughly before investing to study in it. We offer assistance in researching the international student’s desired field of study and its relevance to them and their future.


Master of Business Administration (awarded by James Cook University, Australia)
Dip. In Hotel & Travel Management (awarded by Reliance College, Malaysia)
B.A. (Hons) Business Management (awarded by Nottingham Trent University, UK)
Master in Intl Hospitality & Tourism Management (awarded by James Cook University, Australia)
Qualified Education Agent Counsellor M091 (awarded by PIER)

There’s no boundaries to your dream with Edulipse! The birth of Edulipse was inspired by my true events and experiences being an international student in Australia. The challenges that I overcome during my 2.5 years of postgraduate course has made me to start Edulipse in interest to assist students in their journey of reaching their desired career.

During my university days, I actively practised being a mentor to new international students. These students have shown outstanding academic performance through my mentorship. Now, through Edulipse, I wish to continue my mentorship along with career counselling to give a complete combo to an international student.

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