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When you’re looking for higher education, it’s a challenge to find the right institute. And to find the right university, it’s important to know what course to pursue. With hundreds of options available for courses and colleges, confusion is bound to happen. Many students end up making wrong decisions and poor investments due to improper consulting. With genuine counselling, make a wise choice; one choice is all that matters, one choice creates all the difference.

Moving to a new country with half knowledge, inadequate understanding and uncertainty leads to frustration and a lot of time in adjusting. Take help from a trusted education solutions expert who can direct you towards a successful path.

Nan Samy

Entrepreneur & Career Strategist

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Nan Samy Edulipse Education Agent in Australia Perth

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We at Edulipse are committed to directing students aspiring to study and migrate in foreign lands with clear minds and goals.

We offer free assistance for you to Live, Study, Work & Travel in Australia.

Australia gives you the opportunity to study and work during your university program or english course. If you are an international student see how can we help you succeed.
One of the best things about studying in Australia over other countries around the world, besides our great education providers and beautiful country, is that upon graduation from 2 years studying certain university degrees, you can get a visa to work full-time for 2 to 4 years!
Australia, the land Down Under. If you’re thinking about migrating to Australia, you probably have a million questions.
You can board with an Australian family to get a real taste of everyday life, you can rent a house or an apartment, or you can share accommodations with other students.

We provide a personalised service to all our students.